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What We Do is Malta’s specialised temping agency offering temporary recruitment opportunities for defined periods of time.

Some of these jobs vary from a single day’s work to months or years in duration. Hiring temps boosts the employer’s productivity and offers flexibility to both employers and employees. Moreover, temping is a great way for you …read more

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Internationally, temping agencies have been enjoying considerable growth over the past few years, and considering the economic climate we’ve been faced with, this comes as no surprise.

Organisations of all sizes, are all looking to manage and control their payroll cost, since whilst their sales fluctuate throughout the year and for endless reasons often …read more

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Until recently, people were only interested in permanent jobs, and companies preferred to offer permanent employment opportunities for a number of reasons.

However, the recent economic events have shifted the employers’ preferences towards a more fluid and flexible workforce thus giving rise to temporary employment opportunities. …read more

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