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Q: What defines temp working?

Temp work is determined by a contract, with a start and end date. ‘Temping’ is another word for contract jobs or definite jobs.

In some cases, temping may involve the outsourcing of employees from the agency to a client. This means that the employees will be employed by the temping agency, but they will be working at the premises of a specific client.

Temping has been around for many years, although recently it has flourished in a number of industries, primarily those that are susceptible to fluctuation of sales, due to volatility of the market or seasonal circumstances. In the more recent economic crisis, organisations are seeking ways and means to minimise their fixed costs and opt for a more variable cost model, so as to positively influence their bottom line.

In Malta, temping is still quite a new concept, however it has the ability to greatly assist organisations, maximise opportunities for interested candidates in a number of positions and help to achieve the ideal work/life balance we all crave.

Q: What roles does it pertain to?

In the past, temping might have been associated with secretarial posts and admin. Today temp roles are vast and extensive and cover anything from consultancy, project management, event organising, IT, , sales and marketing, finance , operations, and also management.

Since the time period (start and end) is what defines a temp job, often there is need for any extra pair of hands or for an expert to join the team on a particular subject for a period of time, which could be a few weeks, a few months or even a few years.  This is becoming increasingly popular with companies that work on specific projects that stop on the completion date.

Q: Why would someone wish to apply for a temp role and not an indefinite role?

Traditionally indefinite jobs would be the ultimate objective for candidates seeking to find work or start their career.

However, in a fast paced and dynamic business environment, nothing can really be considered indefinite or guaranteed. In certain industries, there is an obvious saturation of posts. The job market is dictated by the demand and supply of labour, and this is constantly evolving. Many University graduates are finding it hard to find indefinite jobs in the positions they are interested in. In situations where there is slow labour turnover, or an aging workforce or very specialised and niche posts, it becomes difficult for new openings to emerge.

Those looking to temp, could also be people who have some free time on their hands such as teachers who wish to make some extra money during the summer months, or pensioners who wish to do the odd job on the side. It could also be the case of new mothers, who wish to allocate a few hours of work a week, without giving the full time commitment required from  permanent jobs. Furthermore, a temp role could be the ideal stepping stone for someone wishing to learn more about a particular industry without committing for the long haul.  It also serves as the ideal time for candidates to prove their worth, encouraging organisations to then take them on indefinitely once the temp contract expires.

Q: Are there any differing rights between an indefinite contract and a definite contract?

All statuatory rights for temp workers are given pro rata, based on the number of hours they will work. This means that temp workers and indefinite workers have the same pay, rights and responsibilities, including income tax, government bonus, leave and sick leave.

In a nutshell, nowadays there is absolutely no difference (where statutory rights and obligations are concerned) between full time employment and temping.

Q: Who is is a recently launched specialist agency, whose primary objective is to bridge the gap between the supply and demand of temp work in Malta.

This website reaches out to organisations enabling them to upload their temp vacancies free of charge, and at the same time to candidates to upload their CVs and availability onto the system. With this information, the system generates automated ‘matches’ to both parties, instantly generating leads to entice the users. These matches will be followed up personally by our consultant, who will verify the validity of these matches, confirm availability of the candidate and proceed to set up interviews and secure placement accordingly. will offer expert advice in the selection and recruitment process, as well as offering additional services over and above the typical recruiter.

Such services include, for example, the hiring of the temp worker on behalf of the organisation, referred to as Outsourcing on this site, with subsequent handling of payroll and other employee duties. In these cases, the organisation simply enjoys the placing of the temp workers as per their needs, and our agency will also provide replacements should the need arise. Additional services include remote office set-up, should the employee be asked to work off site for a particular reason or from home. is a partnership between M. Demajo Group and Quad Consultancy.

Q: As an individual, how can I apply?

As an individual interested to learn about temping opportunities that could interest you, simply sign up on the JOB SEEKERS section and proceed to log in with your credentials. Fill in the requested information and upload your CV. As soon as a temping vacancy presents itself that matches your criteria (skill and experience), you will be notified and contacted accordingly, to assess your interest. At that stage you are ofcourse entitled to refuse an interview should you not be interested in the vacancy.

Once vetted and upon your confirmed interest and availability, will call you in for interviews until final selection by employer is made and employment contract is secured. The employment contract may be made between yourself and the employer or between and yourself, on behalf of the employer. In either case, your contract is 100% legit and protects your interests as an employee.

Q: As an organisation, how will it work?

As an organisation that is considering hiring temps for particular roles, simply sign up on the EMPLOYERS section and proceed to log in with your credentials. This section will become your personal area for uploading your company CV’s as they present themselves. Your vacancy advert will be exposed from the moment you upload it until the day before the temp job commences. As an organization, we encourage you to think ahead, and upload future temp vacancies as early as possible, so as to benefit from the longest possible free exposure on our site. Your vacancies will be advertised across a varied network of social media. Should you wish to “highlight” your vacancy to guarantee  top positioning on the vacancy list, simply tick the “Highlight” function, and for 35 euros your position will be guaranteed. You will be contacted offline to settle this fee.

Whether you eventually find the person you’re looking for through our services or from another source, you would have benefitted from free exposure on this site. Re remind you that in the spirit of an agency relationship, no direct company information such as name or contact information may be given in the free text describing your vacancy. Use broad terms to describe your company and the industry it operates in, whilst focusing on utilizing the free text space to clearly outline the job specs of the role required. Before your vacancy will appear on our site, our consultant will vet the information you provided, and confirm accordingly. This process will not take longer than 24 hours.

Q: What are fees and payment terms?

The exposure of your company vacancy or your CV and the potential “MATCHES” between yourselves is free of charge. Once receives a match and proceeds to confirm the viability of these matches, the selection process has begun. At this stage, will issue a quote to the employer outlining the hourly rate of the proposed candidates hourly fee, as well as our agency fee. The quote will also indicate 2 options namely for employment:

1) straightforward recruitment where the contract is made between the employer and the employee OR
2) outsourcing recruitment where the contract is made between and the employee on behalf of the employer. The employer may decide which option to pursue, once the candidate has been chosen and confirmed. Once the interviews take place and the candidate has been chosen, the employer will be invoiced as per the conditions of the quote.